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Couples Counseling | Restorative Counseling

People often ask the question, “What makes a happy marriage?” At times the answer seems very elusive. But it lies in gaining a deeper discovery and understanding of the partner.

Individual Counseling | Restorative Counseling

We all need help dealing with life’s challenges. At Restorative Counseling, we provide that outside support and guidance to clients who need to face their difficulties with clarity and courage.

Family Counseling | Restorative Counseling

Family life presents a variety of challenges. Families can be full of transitions, resentments, and expectations. One or more member dealing with an issue can cause...

Restorative Counseling is a privately owned business that is dedicated to the healing and restoration of those who suffer from unresolved emotional and / or physical pain. Because of believing in the whole-person body, soul and spirit, I utilize a holistic approach that includes various therapeutic strategies. I believe that all persons benefit from spiritual belief; therefore, I also incorporate Judeo-Christian principles.

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Restorative Counseling is run by individuals who are determined to help people who are suffering from either physical or emotional pain through the healing and restorative process of counseling. Our approach to counseling takes the entire human being into consideration: body, soul, and spirit. We employ therapeutic methods that have spiritual and physical elements.

Who is in need of Restorative Counseling’s services?

• Those who have suffered a trauma, loss, abuse, or sorrow.
• Those who are determined to rekindle their hope and trust in the world, and a sense of their purpose in life.
• Those who are having trouble recovering from a trauma because of overwhelming anxiety.
• Those who have reached out to other services, but have not found the respite and support they need.
• Those who are seeking an unbiased and professional resource that they can talk to.
• Those who are in need of an environment that is safe and relaxed where they can speak freely without fear of being judged or misunderstood.
• Those who are looking for new methods with which to tackle old issues.
• Those who do not feel comfortable sharing their troubles with their personal connections, whether family members or friends.
• Those who feel that they are alone and need someone compassionate outside of their personal circle.

The author of this work, Gina Pazzaglia, PhD, LSW, LADC has been a licensed mental health therapist for over 20 years. She is the owner of Restorative Alternative Wellness, dedicated to the health of those hurting from unresolved issues, body, soul and spirit. She was herself a child of domestic violence. This, as well as years of clinical work related to domestic violence, resulted in her dissertation “Adult Children of Domestic Violence: A Qualitative Multi-case study: Lack of emotional awareness and Attachment Issues.” Hopeful to get these themes to the public, rather than publish more research to the clinical community, she felt inspired to write this Novel. Characters in this book are purely fictitious; however, derived from combinations of traits and patterns identified during her years of clinical work as well as those in her case studies.

No one should feel that they have to deal with their pain alone. We provide help for people who are hurting. At Restorative Counseling, we guide or clients through their own personal journey towards relief. We help them reunite with their own sense of self and what makes them unique, reminding them of the very special gift they give to the world. Our skilled counselors provide a sounding board for clients to allow them to reconnect with who they are authentically.

Our practice provides services for individual counseling, couples counseling, and family counseling. We help the clients to locate the source of the dispute and the pain, and we provide an unbiased, non-judgmental voice towards resolution.