Couples Counseling

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Couples Counseling | Restorative Counseling - OKC, OK

People often ask the question, “What makes a happy marriage?” At times the answer seems very elusive. But it lies in gaining a deeper discovery and understanding of the partner. With the help of Restorative Counseling’s couples counseling, you can get to know your partner better by asking the questions you have been afraid to ask in a safe and unbiased environment.

Why do people seek couples counseling?

You and your partner may find that you are always arguing and provoking each other, snapping at the smallest trigger. Or, you may find that you do not seem to engage at all and are feeling alienated from your partner and having trouble communicating. The primary struggle for most couples seeking help is that their partnership does not feel caring, secure, and pleasurable anymore.

When is the best time to start couples counseling?

Rather than letting bitterness and resentment come to a head, it is better not to wait until the foundation of the relationship has been damaged to seek counseling. Some of the symptoms of a suffering relationship are easy to recognize; others are more difficult.

Some of the most common issues are:

• Partners are no longer intimate
• One or both partners feel dissatisfied with the other
• A conflict arises in the expectations of the relationship
• The couple displays differing values or lifestyles
• Recurring arguments start to occur
• Abuse, addiction, or illness come to the forefront

Restorative Counseling guides couples towards rediscovering the love and energy that is at the heart of their relationship and that brought them together initially. We provide the tools for couples to move forward with a great awareness of the other person’s needs and personality traits. This leaves couples with a stronger bond, a deeper understanding, and a growing tenderness towards each other’s desires and needs.