Family Counseling

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Family Counseling | Restorative Counseling - OKC, OK

Family life presents a variety of challenges. Families can be full of transitions, resentments, and expectations. One or more member dealing with an issue can cause deep anxiety and stress to the entire family unit. Restorative Counseling addresses the family as a whole unit. We help families identify negative patterns and symptomatic behaviors and guide them to change those patterns and behaviors. Taking into consideration the structure of the family, we can observe the organization of the different interactions and, if necessary, can help to reorganize that structure.

We aspire to create a healthy foundation where the parents agree in their parenting tactics and set the rules and guidelines for the children. These expectations and rules must be steady and dependable for the children to follow them.

Problems between parents and children can arise from a number of factors. These issues put a weight on the entire family, causing distress that can affect the health and development of the other family members. Furthermore, if these issues are not addressed, the child is more likely to repeat the dysfunctional behavior as an adult.

Some common issues in the parent-child relationship are:

• A childhood loss or trauma
• Domestic abuse
• Learning disabilities
• Issues of neglect
• Competition between siblings
• Trouble at school
• Addictions among family members

If you notice various aspects of your child’s life being affected by these issues, Restorative Counseling can provide professional and unbiased help with experience in family counseling and child development. Parents do not always have all of the answers. Addressing these issues with a trained counselor at Restorative Counseling can change patterns for the better before they negatively affect other family members.