Individual Counseling

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Individual Counseling | Restorative Counseling - OKC, OK

We all need help dealing with life’s challenges. At Restorative Counseling, we provide that outside support and guidance to clients who need to face their difficulties with clarity and courage.

Who can benefit from our individual counseling services?

• People who have experienced abuse as children
• People dealing with feelings of guilt, grief, or shame
• People struggling in their relationships
• People contemplating or dealing with divorce
• People who no longer enjoy their lives
• People who are experiencing an overwhelming lack of self-confidence
• People who are grieving a personal loss
• People who are struggling in a transitional time
• People who are feeling alone and isolated

Individual counseling guides clients through a process of self-discovery and exploration that happens in the safe and confidential agreement between them and the counselor. Whether you are simply feeling lonely, anxious, and dissatisfied, or are stuck in a pattern of negativity and are unable to move on from a past trauma, we can help you tear down the obstacles that are holding you back from relief.

Restorative Counseling can provide a variety of therapy methods that are tailored to the individual’s needs.

Behavioral Therapy: This method concentrates on naming the individual’s negative behaviors and creating a plan to change those behaviors.
Cognitive Therapy: This method concentrates on the individual’s negative and cyclical thinking and works to change those patterns to be more optimistic and clear.
Psychotherapy: This method deals with the individual’s former struggles and relationships and identifies those experiences that may be causing the present pain.
Crisis and Problem Therapy: This method targets a specific situation that is causing anxiety and crafts a plan to change it.
Supportive Therapy: This method is based on the active and compassionate listening of the therapist that allows the individual to resolve their own issues through communicating them for themselves.

As its name suggests, individual counseling is tailored to the individual. Restorative Counseling can help you through your own personal journey to healing.